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ATHL 20.8
Skill Development for Tennis
Description:Students learn tournament play, advanced techniques, singles and doubles tactics and strategies appropriate for intercollegiate tennis. May be taken four times for credit. Portions of instruction may be offered online; may also be offered fully online.
Recommended Preparation:Initial tryout required to determine possession of appropriate skill level for safe participation
Transferability:CSU; UC 
Repeatability:May be taken four times for credit.
Grading Type:Credit Course For Grade Or P/NP
Monterey Campus sections - SPRING 2023
 SectDaysHoursInstructorLocationRoomUnitsStatusTotal SeatsEnroll countSeats LeftWait List countDatesBook Link
4794TBA11 hrs 20 mins Per WeekTranMontereyT CTS0.50Ended258170 out of 99 1/03/23 - 1/21/23
 This class will meet face-to-face at the Monterey campus during the hours specified above. Students will be required to follow campus specific health and safety guidelines (refer to for current guidelines) as well as course-specific health and safety guidelines issued by the instructor during class. THIS CLASS WILL TRANSITION ONLINE IN THE EVENT OF A CAMPUS CLOSURE.