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Everyday Chemistry
Description:CHEM 10 is a non-mathematical course for non-science majors and anyone else interested in how chemistry is involved in the workings of everyday objects and events in their lives. Topics of current and global importance are discussed, including the greenhouse effect and the ozone layer. Portions of instruction may be offered online; also offered fully online.
Prerequisites:Corequisite: CHEM 10L
Recommended Preparation:Eligibility for ENGL 1A
Transferability:CSU; UC 
Repeatability:May be repeated once if grade was D or F.
Grading Type:Credit Course For Grade Or P/NP
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 SectDaysHoursInstructorLocationRoomUnitsStatusTotal SeatsEnroll countSeats LeftWait List countDatesBook Link
 8343Online6 hrs 20 mins Per WeekBishop MOnlineONLINE3.00Too Late to Add3016140 out of 99 6/08/19 - 7/27/19
 Must be enrolled in CHEM 10L (section 8344) for required laboratory. DVDs available in the MPC Library and the DLI AISO Library. For more information see: Chemistry 10 Course Website